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Internal medicine is the largest department in almost all hospitals. It has a wide range of subspecialties and provides a maximum clinical service. Internal medicine is also the foundation of all other clinical medicine. The training program of Department of Internal Medicine in National Cheng Kung University Hospital emphasizes the importance of holistic health care and cultivates patient-centered attitudes of the trainees. On the basis of medical sciences, the training program encourages the application of evidence-base medicine to daily patient care. We believe science is still the best way to improve the health care quality of internal medicine.

In addition to clinical service, as a university-affiliated medical center, the Department of Internal Medicine of National Cheng Kung University Hospital plays an important role in teaching and research. We have abundant clinical materials for medical students and residents and usually teach through bedside round, literature reading, case conference, or morbidity and mortality conference. As a university hospital, the Department of Internal Medicine also takes an aggressive and positive attitude on research. In our daily clinical practice, it is always not difficult to find many unanswered or unsettled questions which become the origin and motivation of our research. Basic science research maybe important for internal medicine, but clinical research is much more direct and easier to get started for internists. Case report, clinical imaging, case series, registry study and clinical trial are all important ways of clinical research. No matter what ways we are doing the research, innovation is always the most important part. In our daily clinical work, the beginning of clinical research is just to find something new that has never been reported before. Then describe this point clearly after complete workup. Even a case report or clinical imaging can be published in the world prestigious journals.

We have professional traditions in service, teaching and research. We will keep pursuing excellence, promoting innovation and writing new history for the Department of Internal Medicine of National Cheng Kung University Hospital.

DOCTOR - Yi-Heng Li

About Us

成大內科有教學、研究及服務三大使命。目前有主治醫師106人,含部定教師64人 (專任教授16位、專任副教授11位、專任助理教授1位、臨床副教授8位、臨床助理教授13位、臨床講師4位、合聘教授1位、合聘助理教授1人、兼任副教授1位、兼任助理教授4位、兼任講師4位),住院醫師67人,職員205人,病床數共588床。