- Staff and responsibilities

★Miss Qiu

  1. Handle hospital and public document; forward electronic official documents.
  2. Residents training, recruitment and registration affairs.
  3. Student program examination (Internal medicine, Internal Medicine Introduction for OT and PT Department.
  4. Doctor employment related affairs.
  5. Accounting affairs.
  6. Responsible for the department’s property examination and write-off.
  7. NSC Proposal applying.
  8. Chinese and English online introduction update.
  9. Chinese and English Medical certificate transcription.
  10. On-Leave affairs (include Policy of Citizen Travel Card).

★Mr. Chen

  1. Receive and send official documents and emails.
  2. Affairs related to the Clerk teaching and training programs.
  3. Arrange regular meeting for the Internal Medicine Committee and make the meeting minutes.
  4. Monthly report on the number of times doctors support collaborating hospitals.
  5. Monthly report for On-Duty expense for Residents.
  6. Organize department’s excursion.
  7. Organize annual banquet and anniversary activities.
  8. Hold welcome party for new arrivals.
  9. Distribution of Stationery and Sanitary Utensils.
  10. Apply for Vehicle Permit.

★Mr. Shang

  1. Manage the department’s server.
  2. Key in the on leave, vacation database.
  3. Key in On-Duty Table every month.
  4. Prepare Sign-Up sheet, data sheet, abstract, video-taping, and editing PowerCam every Tuesday and Thursday.
  5. Establish the data base for medical, academic score sheet.
  6. Maintain the website server and fix the bug.
  7. Edit teaching material for Internal Medicine Department and display relevant information on the website.
  8. Other Works assigned by directors.

★Miss Wei

  1. Affairs related to the hospital assessment.
  2. Affairs related to the Healthcare Quality Committee (Monitor the Index of Healthcare Quality, Track to abnormal announcement, manufacture of annual Healthcare Quality Poster, other affairs relevant to Healthcare Quality.
  3. To collect and Track the DRG Cases.
  4. Monitor and file the index of Healthcare Insurance and relevant affairs.(Outpatient Service Healthcare Insurance fee, CT, MRI).
  5. Handle affairs related to the Research Committee.
  6. Update the online system to keep record of published articles.
  7. Affairs related to the Hospital Committee for patient’s leaving hospital preparations.
  8. Compile the Annual Work Schedule for Internal Medicine Department
  9. Compile the Teacher’s Teaching Hour calculation table.
  10. Other works assigned by directors.

★General Internal Medicine

  1. Help with the Internal Medicine teaching course for Intern.
  2. Handle relevant affairs for “PGY” program.
  3. Handle Department of Health, Executive Yuan, General Internal Medicine Demonstration Center, Project.